What I did over the weekend!

First of all lets talk about my oldest brother Brad. You may know him or may not. He now does competitive cheer. He is on Blazing Stars for Five Star. Last week, we went to Gatlinburg because he had his first competition. A lot of teams were good, like Summit, but we’ll get into that later. Anyway, we did a lot of fun things there instead of the cheer thing.

We went to a cheer competition over the weekend. It was so cool! the music was so loud you could feel your feet vibrating. It was a big open area with a stage, we were in 2nd place, but Summit was in first, I think. One of our builds fell, so we lost points, but summit did everything perfect THAT day. The next day, we preformed with one mess up, but we recovered very quick. Summit didn’t land something either. That us in FIRST place!!! After our performance we got a trophy and a banner. But after that Brad got a brand new jacket, its actually cool. it was white, red and blue. It didn’t have a hood though.

Over the weekend we didn’t just go to a competition, we went shopping! I know, I’m not exited either… we walked for about 3 hours. My feet were so tired. while we were shopping, I got a metal bear that said The Smokey Mountains. I also got a picture from where we were staying of the Smokey Mountains, And I put that picture on my background. While we were shopping, we went into a candy store and I got some really good sugar, well that was what I thought. It was the worst sugar I have ever tasted! On our way back home my little brother was getting really annoying, he started getting really loud. When we got home It felt great, but also it was bad because I kept on thinking we didnt have school tomorrow, when ever I looked at the time I felt this urge of nervousness. Have you ever had a long trip?

Joshua Effrece via Compfight

This is kind of what I saw!

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